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Dan does private readings and also makes house calls.  He also does house parties year round and during the summer, Bar-B-Qs.

He will no longer do windows or tree pruning.

He still has a number of dates open for house parties in the fall and winter. To find out costs and the food he likes to eat while he is there, feel free to contact him at either; DVALKOS@HOTMAIL.COM  or you can call him at 519-683-2076.



Dan also has a very good and inexpensive online course on Psychic Development.

There are 10 classes in the course.  The way it works is when you become a student, he e-mails you class # 1.  You do the homework and e-mail it back to him then you et class # 2. The homework is not passing or failing work.  It is just to see if you understand what each class is about.  The fee for the entire class, including everything. My wisdom. My humor. My insight and whatever else I throw at you and the h.s.t. is only $84.75. If you want to develop, it is worth the money.

There is only one time limit.  You must finish the course in one lifetime.  If you die before completing the course and wish to continue it after you reincarnate, you have to pay for it again. You work at your own pace.  Dan's job as teacher is to help you grow and evolve.

The classes are as follows;

CLASS # 1 E.S.P- This first class gives you the basics on the Psychic World and gives you exercises and games to strengthen your own natural abilities.  It also gives you the techniques to shield you from negative energy.

CLASS # 2 MEDITATION- This class explains how meditation works and the many advatanges to Meditation.  It also includes Dan's commercially produced Meditation CD titled," Meditation, An Easy Way."

Class # 3 DREAMS AND THE DREAM WORLD- This class explores the Dream World and helps you understand what your dreams are telling you.  It details the different types of dreams and gives you some general dream meanings.

Class # 4 ASTRAL PROJECTION- This class explains what Astral Projection is and how to achieve an out-of-body experience.

Class # 5 AURA'S AND THE MEANINGS OF THE COLOURS IN AN AURA- The title explains the class.

Class # 6 PSYCHOMETRY AND THE USE OF CRYSTALS- This class gives you the basics in doing readings on another person as well as the different types of readings.  It also includes a brief dictionary on paranormal terms.

Class # 7 GHOSTS AND HAUNTED HOUSES-  This class explains the different types of ghostly manifestations there may be as well as why someone may actuall haunt a place.  It also includes some of my personal haunted house investigations.

Class # 8 Reincarnation and Past-lives- This class explains my beliefs and thoughts on the concept of Reincarnation and prior lifetimes.  It also includes stories of many of the people I have regressed to their prior lives and my own personal past-life memories.

Class # 9 KARMA- This class is the heaviest one.  It explores exactly what Karma is and why you may be the way you are as well as why bad things can happen to good people.It may give you some answers.

Class # 10 MYTHS, SUPERSTITIONS AND OTHER STUFF- This class is where I threw all the other stuff I know about and lumped into one class.

You work at your own pace and no one fails the course.

To enroll or find ut about enrolling, Contact Dan at either DVALKOS@HOTMAIL.COM

OR call him at 519-683-2076