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    A warm soon to be, spring greetings one and all,

     I am back to driving to do readings to varius far off and distant cities.

     I will be back in Sudbury at the end of March and in Belleville in April.

      I can continue to volunteer work for the various Humane Societies

      but I am not yet back on a golf course. Anyway, this year is going to

      be very interesting weather-wise and also political. Just hang on to

       hats kids. Trust your own intsincts here.

      I also doing phone readings and now take E-Transfers.

       Or you can e-mail me at DVALKOS@HOTMAIL.COM

       I am open for house parties in the new year as well.

      Unfortunately, I will not be up to Thunder Bay till maybe

      summer so if you want a reading by me, it will have to be by phone.            

 Dan has been involved in the paranormal since 1969.  He is the former Director of the Paranormal Enlightenment Centre out of the Detroit area and was also

the Chief investigator for the Assciation of Psychic Investigators.  He also did a lot of Regressive Hypnosis work for The Centre for UFO studies.

 He was ranked the number 2 Psychic in Canada and 51st in the world. 

 He teaches or has taught at over 25 colleges across Canada and the U. S. and has performed at over 1,800 colleges since 1989.

 Dan is also been re-elected to the C.O.C.A. Board of Directors.

 He has been on over 750 radio shows in North America and Rob McConnell, the host of the X-zones radio network, gave him the title of, "Canada's

  Psychotic Psychic." ( In November of 2015, Rob McConnell upgraded his title to: "The Worlds Psychotic Psychic!"

 He was also given the title of "Canada's Cutest Male Psychic!" ( I was a lot younger then.)

  Dan has had 2 books published by Inner Flame Publishers and has had his new book; "THE PSYCHIC WORLD AND HOW YOU CAN BE A PART OF IT."

 come out on-line in the Kindle books.

 He is also the resident psychic for two different Humane societies and does a lot of readings on people's pets at various Pet Value stores in Southwest Ontario.

  All proceeds from his pet readings are donated to the local O.S. P.C.A.'s 

   He also ran for Praliment in the 2000 Federal Elections. (Got thumped but had a riot in the debates.)  

   According to Dan, "I have a very impressive resume'"  ( He has never been called Canada's most humble psychic.)


  In the classes Dan teaches, he gives the students 2 simple and easy afirmations.  Many people have asked for them so here they are below.


  The first one came from the Unity church and it is:

 The Light of  God surrounds us.

 The love of God enfolds us.

 The Power of God protects and heals us.

 The Presence of God watches over us.

 God's infinite bankroll finances us.

 For wherever we are, God is.

 Now, if you wish, you can substitute a specific person for us such as, The light of God surrounds my kids or my mate or if you are truely an evolving soul, use

 " those people who do not like me."


 The second affirmation involves prosperity.  It is also very simple.

 Wealth, abundance and prosperity flows to me.

 Wealth, abundance and prosperity is due me.

 Wealth, abundance and prosperity is mine.